Why are you here?

ythoNo, seriously. Why did you click the link and come through to this page? We want to congratulate for taking that step but in all honesty if you don’t know why you’re here, we’re not sure that we can help you. Knowing your why is essential before undertaking a new project, a new challenge, setting yourself a new goal, if you want to be successful in that endeavour. Take a moment. Right now. Take a minute and think about why you clicked that link.

Is it because you want to lose weight fat? Perhaps you want to get fitter? Maybe you’re getting married this year (Mabrook!) and need to get in shape. Fast. Maybe you just want something to read while you pass the time. Maybe the word ‘Halal’ intrigues you. Or this new fad ‘Paleo’ diet. But isn’t Paleo eating lots of bacon (Astaghfirullah though!) and running around like a caveman? LOL. We’ll address these as we go on.

Whatever your reason, we want to welcome you to our little corner of the interweb. We can’t promise you overnight results or some magic pill to alleviate all of your physical, spiritual and mental challenges but what we can promise you is lots and lots of informative content to help you on your journey. You will get out as much as you put in. If you are consistent and persistent in your efforts, you will see results. That we can guarantee!

Our Why.

start-mondayAt Halal Paleo, we don’t believe in diets. Diets fail. How many diets start on a Monday and fail by the weekend? One size fits nobody. We’re all different, in that some of us react positively to certain foods, and others don’t. That being said, we don’t believe in cutting out entire food groups or calorie restriction, or going hungry, as a means of losing fat. We believe in slow and steady lifestyle changes. One meal at a time. One food at a time. One day at a time. We believe in instilling good manageable habits, reinforcing those habits, learning to say no and mindful eating. We believe that if we adopt the Sunnah way of eating, we can alleviate ourselves of certain health issues. We believe that if we eat for good health – as a lifestyle – your goals, whatever they are, will be attainable. It starts with food.

We started this website because Fahim and I (Mohammed) have a deep- seated belief, grounded in personal experiences, that most of our concerns can be addressed by just following one simple mantra: Eat Real Food. Seriously, mountains will move by just ‘unprocessing’ our diets. We go into our individual reasons in our ‘Why’ posts (coming soon!), and detail why we started this website and what we hope to achieve with it. Our Introduction Series goes into a lot more depth regarding our underlying principles. Even if you don’t agree with purist Paleo principles like no grains or legumes or cannot get your head around having to eat more fat, we can all agree that we can improve our health, simply by eating real food, most of the time.

Starving on a Cellular Level

We think the everyday Western diet is heavily flawed and is directly responsible for many ailments we see today. Most of us are starving on a cellular level. As in, we are not feeding our bodies what they need. We eat to fill our stomachs, rather than looking for nourishment for our bodies. We’re just surviving. Not thriving. The average person eats way too many refined carbohydrates and sugars mixed with a cocktail of unpronounceable chemicals that appear in many of our packaged, processed foods. Not just out of choice. Food addiction is real, people. Couple this with eating habits that are deficient in key vitamins and minerals and suddenly we’re playing roulette (Astaghfirullah though!) with our lives.

We give ourselves an easy ‘licence’ or ‘permission’ or some kind of justification to have treats. “I don’t eat this all the time!” “It’s just this once!” “He got a promotion!” “It’s her birthday!” And the list goes on.  We don’t advocate being a spoilsport and eating separately to everybody else in your own dietary category but knowing where you are in relation to your why, would allow you to take back control of your health and wellness, while allowing for the occasional treat and keeping you sane!

pillsHow many of you have elderly members of family? At a guesstimate, how many pills do we see them popping on a daily basis? Doesn’t it break your heart? What if we could correct some or even all of these ailments and developing ailments with food? If we start with fixing our food, we go a long way to fixing ourselves. At this point I want to draw your attention to our disclaimer at the bottom of the page. We’re not qualified to give medical advice but we do believe in the significant role food plays in our well-being.

That slice of pizza or two may fill that hunger for the time being, but how long will it be before your body signals it is hungry again or we mistake that bloated feeling as being ‘full’. How is it that we don’t eat more than one apple to suffice as a snack, but at the same level of hunger, we can get through multiple slices of pizza, washed down with coke? Could it be that the apple, at over 200 calories less, contains more nutrients than the average slice of pizza?! Imagine that!

Everyone who has adopted the Halal Paleo lifestyle and succeeded with it has been there. We’ve all tried diets and failed. Diets don’t work. However, everyone that has set themselves a clear why and just resolved to eat more healthily as a lifelong practice has succeeded with their goals. And this is no fluke. So how can we help you?

helpushelpyouFirst, help us to help you.

We want you to think about your why again. We can’t change your diet for you. Only you have the power to do that. What we can do is provide you with the tools and resources you need to make lasting changes to your lifestyle, to be more healthy, to be fitter, to be stronger and to set a good example for your spouse, your kids, your families and friends. I’m going to hazard a guess and say some of you already know what to eat to be the best possible version of you. That’s perfectly fine! As with anything, knowing what to do is easy enough. It’s putting it into practice that’s hard. That’s where we come in. We’re going to help you get there, wherever ‘there’ is.

We need to know your why in order to send you the most relevant content. We want you to send us a message below (or via email: info@halalpaleo.com if you don’t want to share with everyone!) telling us your why and we will help you get to your goal, as well as provide you with the most relevant content.

Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Bismillah. Let’s begin.

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