Welcome to Halal Paleo!

السلام عليكم

(That’s Paleo. Sorry, there’s no pilau rice here.)

This website is here to serve as an introduction into the Paleo lifestyle, tailored for Muslims, but of course everyone of all faiths and creeds is welcome. If you have any interest in this already, you will know that there is an abundance of information regarding the Paleo lifestyle online but no sites are specifically tailored towards Muslims and the strict dietary requirements we are required to adhere to. Till now.

We will sift through all of the information that’s out there to bring you what you need to know as a Muslim, in how you can adopt this lifestyle and lead a happier, healthier, fuller life Insha’Allah.

You can browse the site in any order you wish but we strongly recommend starting with the Introduction Series in which we introduce the background and how it ties in perfectly with the Islamic belief system when it comes to food and nutrition. You can also go ahead and jump straight into our latest content (TIP: This section is under construction and will be with us soon, Insha’Allah!) If you get lost, just hit the menu button on the top-right for quick navigation.

As we are relaunching our site, we will provide informative posts and videos on nutrition, foods and food products, along with recipes and life hacks, that you can integrate in to your lifestyle in order to become the best version of yourself, Insha’Allah.

Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and Instagram and add us to Snapchat for news of the latest content. Our YouTube channel will also be launching by Ramadan 1438 A.H. (2017!), Insha’Allah!

We look forward to providing you with the tools and resources to benefit yourselves, your families and our Ummah, Insha’Allah!

Yours in Health,

Mohammed and Fahim